Are Good Intentions Ever Enough?

10 months ago I set-out to join the ever-growing numbers of bloggers out there flexing their vernacular. I had plans, laid out themes, topics and thought I had this blogging thing figured. I had quite the little system going, had dozens of idea’s and little personal incentives and goals. I blogged a total of five times and then about 8 months of silence. But I had good intentions.

What happened? Well, lots actually. A whole myriad of things I could point the finger at, more reasons both within and outside my control than I care to think about. If I cut everything back and look at the root cause, one thing stands out, my good intentions were simply not enough. Good intentions rarely are.

While on vacation Alisha and I caught up with friends out-of-state. Somehow we got onto talking about a huge mango tree they had in their yard that grew ALOT of fruit, the only catch was that it wasn’t really good for much as the mango’s were stringy and downright bad eating. As if this wasn’t enough, the volume of inedible fruit dropping on the ground meant that they were constantly having to pick it up and compost fruit so that they (and the neighbors) didn’t have to suffer the stench of rotting fruit on the ground all summer.

Good intentions are a bit like this. They might produce some fruit, but if it’s left down to good intentions alone, they will never produce fruit that’s ultimately going to be good to you or anyone else for that matter (often, good intentions alone are the cause of harm, not good). When I look back over the last few years, just using my own life, I see countless examples where good intentions were not enough. They were never enough to overcome, never enough to justify a mistruth, never a good enough excuse for doing nothing, never enough to bring real and lasting change. Jesus never walked the middle of the road when it came to fruit, He was pretty blunt in Matt 7 saying “every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” finishing off this particular example giving us the sure-fire way to know whether or not the intentions were on the right track saying “by their fruit you will recognize them.

I personally find that last statement one of the most convicting scriptures in all the Bible. For me it’s the driving force behind a lot of what I do and the measure I use to work out if I was really on the right track or not. I think if we were to take a close look at our lives some of us would practically have a whole orchards of ‘good intentions’. Maybe along the lines of one day stepping out and doing something great, starting a business, writing a book, losing weight, getting fit, eating better, helping someone who ultimately can’t do anything for you in any way, the lists could go on and on. How do you and I ultimately know whether they were good for anything? Look at the fruit.

So what now? Ultimately I believe words need the weight of a life that has lived them if they are going to have any real and lasting impact, and the only way you or I are going to be able to do something about it is just that, to do something about it. I know this sounds overly simplified but really, the reasons “why we couldn’t” are often complicated but ultimately dressed in apathy. Those who have done great things, have simply just gone out and done them.

I would love to spend more time on this, but, let’s save that for another day. Does this mean I am going to be one of those who blog regularly? and is what I write ultimately going to do any real lasting good? I would love to say yes, but ultimately, the fruit will speak for itself.


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