The Road Ahead: Pack Light

How do you prepare for the uncertain?  I have spent the last 9 months thinking about “The Journey”.  There is so much I have learned from the pretty full on journey I have walked out the last 10 years – I have learnt a whole lot more as I’m preparing for the next leg.

Several years ago, I remember my mum telling me about “mystery flights”.  They were day trips where you paid $100 (back in the day) for a flight; only you did not know where that flight was headed until you checked in.  Let’s say I took one of these flights.  I know (’cause of the way I am wired) I would be planning for every possible scenario I could encounter (based on my previous travels).  I might only be staying overnight, but I would pack for anything from several days in the mountains, to lazing about on the beach, to crossing deserts on camel.  Packing all this may appear to be smart, but, once I got there, truth is I would be stuck carrying around all this extra junk that was of no use to anyone.  What was supposed to be a journey full of fun & adventure would be weighed down by the burden of all I brought with me.

Pack light.  Easy to say, hard to do.  Here’s a simple thought – Matt 11:30, Jesus says “…my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  I can say with confidence that if you are feeling heavy, burdened, or the journey has become devoid of passion, it’s because you’re carrying something you were never meant to.

No man knows the future, but what I know is that amongst all the uncertainty there is a God who is certain to look after His people (Prov 3).  In my own planning, I can try and map out each leg of the journey to work out what I will need.  However, all that God ever asked for was my trusting Him and to take that first uncertain step.  It’s as though, in our minds, we think that God wants someone with a 10-step plan, the right training, an impressive resume and the right connections and experience.  What he actually wants is someone who has nothing more to offer than trust that He will complete the good work He has begun.  We have to learn to trust Him.

When we are complicated, He is not.
When we are not good enough, His grace is sufficient.
When our best intentions prove flawed, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
When we set out for the wrong reasons, He is quick to correct us.
When we get bogged down under the weight of our junk, His burden is light.
When we are consumed with the destination, He is committed to the journey.

What are you carrying?


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