Beyond the Box…

When you talk about Holy Ground people see it as something sacred and requiring respect.  It is easy to look at places where we encounter God like a church building and treat the place as holy.  We sometimes put so much value and emphasis on the place where God’s work is evident when, the point of the matter is that God is not at work in a place, or a venue, or a meeting, Instead we need to open our eyes to see He is at work in people, a group of people, a gathering.

Since God is working in us we become that Holy Ground.  Our lives become that place where God and the work he is doing should be honored and revered.  We are His workmanship.  And what God is doing in our lives goes far beyond Sunday.

If we can understand that He is not limited to our geography, and that He is able to do so much in us and through us when we choose to honor him not just in a place, or a meeting, but in the decisions we make every day.


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