A new connection always requires a disconnection

The TV was on in our house A LOT.  Basically, if someone was home, the TV was on, end of story. And why shouldn’t it be?  We’re paying good money for cable TV and we’re going to use it.  Then, late last year, I made a rule that the TV was not to be turned on before 7:30pm.  This started as the background noise of shows and ad breaks (neither of which I was really paying attention to) began to irritate me. Besides, anything on before 7:30 was re-runs or shows that were not really worth watching at the end of the day—so, in my mind, it wasn’t a great loss.  Little did I realize what a profound, yet simple, principle was at work in that small decision.

I love my wife like you can’t imagine, but I am easily distracted by noise, images, anything that will allow me to tune out.  What I craved was a deeper connection with her and I would really make an effort to engage, but in spite of trying, the TV would eventually suck me in and my brain would just shut down.  The result of my effort was little improvement and no real lasting change.  What was required to make this deeper connection was first a disconnection.  How it started was simple and quite practical.  Disconnecting myself from the distraction of meaningless B-grade television made a way for the connection I longed for.  This deeper connection was not born out of striving, reading a book on the subject, or self-help experts—it was simply disconnecting from the distraction and creating room for the new connection my heart already desired to take place.  I traded mindless television for thoughtful conversation, sitting on the couch for dancing in the living room, random moments for deliberate encounters.

We all have reasons for doing what we do.  Some never really work out if what they are doing is adding to their life, or if they are just following a method handed down from someone like parent or teacher.  Just following a method alone will never produce the future God intends.  Growth demands change.  Growth demands adapting what we do to match a particular season more than following a method.  The method is subject to the season and needs to be able to change.  Each season requires disconnection from the old and irrelevant, making way for change.

There is power in connection, but we will never realize the full power connection until we first learn to disconnect.  For example, disconnecting yourself from a particular habit allowing you to form a new habit that could take you one step closer to breakthrough.  It could mean disconnecting from a place of comfort and security and stepping into what appears uncertain, trusting what God has revealed to you.  It could be disconnecting from people who would have you stay with what’s familiar and connecting with people who will challenge you to push forward when the uncertain wants to hold you back.

Determine what really matters in life.  Using that as your compass, be bold enough to disconnect from the things that no longer need a place or are not adding to your life.  Be humble enough to get council from those who have already walked this journey.  Be wise enough to know your purpose is already in the mind of God and as you disconnect from distraction and connect with Jesus, that purpose will become all the more apparent.

God’s plan and purpose for you is waiting.  Disconnect from the distractions and connect with what He has in store.


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