Wanna Be Startin’ Something

I find starting anything so ridiculously difficult.  The middle?  Easy, as I’m generally too stubborn to give up, even stop if its not working.  As far as the end?  I might not put the tidiest bow on whatever it is, but at least its easier than having to start. About a year ago, my wife Alisha and […]

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Are Good Intentions Ever Enough?

10 months ago I set-out to join the ever-growing numbers of bloggers out there flexing their vernacular. I had plans, laid out themes, topics and thought I had this blogging thing figured. I had quite the little system going, had dozens of idea’s and little personal incentives and goals. I blogged a total of five […]

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The Road Ahead: Pack Light

How do you prepare for the uncertain?  I have spent the last 9 months thinking about “The Journey”.  There is so much I have learned from the pretty full on journey I have walked out the last 10 years – I have learnt a whole lot more as I’m preparing for the next leg. Several […]

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Beyond the Box…

When you talk about Holy Ground people see it as something sacred and requiring respect.  It is easy to look at places where we encounter God like a church building and treat the place as holy.  We sometimes put so much value and emphasis on the place where God’s work is evident when, the point […]

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